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Tanzanite Royalty

Tanzanite Royalty Card is a globally recognised brand From Tanzania which uses the latest payment and security technology, Tanzanite Royalty Card is accepted by more than 24 million merchants and provides a wide range of fraud prevention tools. Feel safer than ever when shopping online using your Tanzanite Royalty card in conjunction with the Verified by VISA programme.


Anezylitta Designing

Anezylitta Designing is an Interior and Exterior decor company operating across the East African region, with its main office in City Mall, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. We deal largely in wallpapers of all design and textures, notably the velvet textured wallpapers, 3D, 5D and 8D wallpapers which have high demand in this region.


Anezylitta Academy

Through our professional courses you will be able to upgrade your knowledge, match your skills, learn the art and science of baking Cakes, breads, croissants, Biscuits ,chocolate making, advanced pastry making, Desserts,Fondant icing, Royal icing. & Much more.!


Anezylitta Recipes

These are New Recipes That You Can Use Forever These Recipes Have Been Tested And Are 100% Sure Bet Very Detailed Explanations With Pictures And Translated In SwahiliRecipes Use Readily Available Ingredients So You Can Start Baking Right Away Ideal for Any Skill Level, Beginner To Expert Make Your Favorite Desserts At Home With "Sweet Teenage Cakes & Dessert". . Available in 3 Copies; Cakes & Desserts 1 Cakes & Desserts 2 Bites and snacks Special Edition

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